Mathematics Books


A set of 6 books that provide motivational skills worksheets addressing most Mathematical concepts from year 8 to year 10 (or above). An excellent teacher resource – black line masters. A very popular series.

Often students find the necessary skill practice needed in Mathematics to be very boring. This series of books has been designed as a motivational tool to help the students feel more enthusiastic about their work.

Each book contains approximately 60 ready to copy worksheets. They are designed to be used in various ways:

Living Maths

The Living Maths series contains 8 student textbooks and accompanying teacher resources produced by a large team of teachers. This course systematically covers all of the fundamental concepts in a sequential manner. A group of 26 topics have been chosen to give a comprehensive, interesting and well structured course. No longer constant searching for suitable material and endless photocopying. These 26 topics are revisited at four different levels (each slightly harder) providing for consolidation over a two or three year period.