Living Maths 3A

This book ‘Living Maths 2A’ is the third in a series of eight books which systematically addresses the basic skills that students need for real life situations. The series is designed in two strands which are intended for use over the two years of year 9 and year 10, but could easily be extended into year 8 as well. If used over two years, the class would work from one book each term. The emphasis is on the mathematics required for everyday life.

The same topics are revisited at increasing levels of difficulty in a spiral approach. Lower ability students often end up with an ad hoc Mathematics education which leaves them with holes in their knowledge and makes it difficult for them to consolidate concepts. The sequential development contained in these books enables students to progress steadily through the key competencies. The regular revision of ideas allows for consolidation in the longer term.


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Mark O'Brien

First Published

June 1997

Current Edition

Second Edition, November 1998

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About The Author

Mark O'Brien

A large team of teachers have produced a totally new course which systematically covers all of the fundamental concepts in a sequential manner. A group of 26 topics have been chosen to give a comprehensive, interesting and well structured course. No longer constant searching for suitable material and endless photocopying. These 26 topics are revisited at four different levels (each slightly harder) providing for consolidation over a two or three year period.

This series of books provides an enormous resource with more material than most classes will require. This enables teachers to select work appropriate to their particular class without the need to seek support materials. The carefully graded problems allow for students of differing ability to use these books, simply going as far in each exercise as their ability allows.

  • Covers all Essential Skills
  • Systematic coverage in two strands
  • Carefully graded problems
  • Total package of materials

Content Topics

Strand A

  1. Time
  2. Topology
  3. Number
  4. Measurement
  5. Money
  6. Negative Numbers
  7. Statistics
  8. Fractions
  9. 2-D Shapes
  10. Averages
  11. Length
  12. Mass
  13. Angle

These well written (and widely used) books combine the need to have work of a relevant and practical nature that is interesting to the students and yet covers all of the concepts and skills that students need to know. Each book in the series is designed to be used at a rate of one per term or slower, depending on the students’ ability. There are a total of 160 pages in each book.


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