Working Scientifically with Earth & Beyond (Lower Secondary)

This book contains a collection of problems for students to solve using the processes of Investigating Scientifically. Each problem has relevance for the majority of adolescent students and therefore has potential to facilitate the students’ development of the survival skills necessary for life.



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Audrey Sewell Smith

Audrey Sewell Smith

Audrey Sewell Smith is a teacher with over twenty years classroom experience, contributes frequently to The Australian Science Teacher's Journal and is in demand as a speaker in both state and national science education circles. From many years of post-graduate study she has developed a special interest in Constructivist Learning Theory and in particular the part misconceptions play in blocking learning. She has a passion for sharing misconceptions research with teachers to enable meaningful learning (rather than rote learning) to occur in classrooms.

Warren Smith

Warren Smith

Watten Smith is a science educator with over twenty years of classroom experience. He is a recognised curriculum leader, having previously worked a Curriculum Manager in a District Education Office in Western Australia. He is currently deputy principle at Cecil Andrews Senior High School in Perth.

This is an outstanding collection of investigations, each with teacher instructions to assist Science Teachers in developing students’ understanding of ‘Working Scientifically’ in the four science contexts. This superb resource of 160 black line masters, ready to photocopy and give to students, is designed to assist students and teachers in tackling problems in a systematic manner and facilitate an improved understanding. Improves scientific literacy.

Each problem page is matched be a teacher page which carefully assists the teacher to analyse the problem. All investigations include details of typical misconceptions that teachers must be aware of to improve the learning outcomes of the students’. Students are guided to build on their current understanding in order to develop their understanding of Science processes and content.


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